About Us

Our Vision

We believe that the full benefits and potential of cannabis as a medical therapy are within our reach only through supply chain transparency, an engaged and active network of cannabis users, and data that is consistently available and verifiable for medical surveys and for developing and establishing therapies and life-prolonging solutions and treatments on blockchain technology. Our vision is one in which cannabis medical research gets the support it needs and deserves.

Our Mission

With our capacity for technology innovation and advanced engineering, we aim to advance transparency of the cannabis supply chain in order to create a worldwide platform and network of cannabis-user participants for ongoing scientific survey exchange and subsequent research. We want to use decentralized, immutable blockchain technologies in conjunction with a strong sales network to create a new type of marketplace.

Our Goals

Understand the regulatory, legal, and technological needs and challenges of the medical cannabis industry
Continually advance the medical cannabis blockchain data ecosystem to medical studies
Establish strong vendor and partner relationships with technology firms, doctors, scientists, universities, and governments to ensure data integrity and value
Attract, hire, and retain highly qualified professionals to sell, manage, monitor, and service the various technological component parts and software systems required to support the ecosystem
Foster a social community online in which each member can participate freely and offer the breadth of their knowledge and experience
Provide a simple, secure, user-friendly global exchange platform for the stakeholders
Create billions of data points and hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction value
Establish supply-chain integrity

Our Strategy

  • Provide the world’s first (fully) automated dispenser solution for the cannabis industry
  • Merge a hardware solution, device sales, a blockchain application, and data acquisition into a single system
  • Unite world-class engineering with state-of-the-art 3D printing technology
  • Merge smart contract-managed production and device licenses to serve the worldwide recreational and medical markets with cutting-edge cannabis dispenser products
  • Establish an environment in which the public has access to the best cannabis retailer resources and product data and opportunities to earn passive income
  • Collect consumer-related anonymous user data for medical research and studies in the field of marijuana use
  • Create an information platform for a worldwide exchange of research and development among medical doctors, biologists, therapists, and research institutions in order to develop innovative methods and therapy possibilities for cannabis
  • Involve doctors and scientists in creating and implementing surveys and deliver results to the scientific world and general public alike
  • Provide an efficient development network for users, retailers, and engineers to continually improve the industry and relevant medical technology
  • Provide a secure gateway for data processing and an efficient exchange with our
  • Create an own token, named weR Token, and data traffic via blockchain and cryptocurrency with discounts for payment with other select tokens
  • Carry out a vision of greater access to cannabis information